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John Gregg enjoys expressing himself through art, including ceramics, and is inspired by nature. He keeps the shape and form you would see in nature and prefers a pallet with warm colors. The Southwest speaks to him, so his prints and paintings mainly feature stunning views of landscape in this region of the United States. He wants people to feel drawn into the scene and consider what it means.


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Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, John Gregg offers breathtaking landscape photography and vibrant landscape oil paintings (plein air paintings). John started creating ceramics, jewelry, and sculptures in 1973. He later expanded to oil paintings and began taking photographs in 1990. He spent 10 years shooting such places as the Indian Ruins, Sierra Nevada mountain range, Grand Canyon, and Escalante, Utah, before returning to ceramics in 2000 and opening Clay Arts in Las Vegas. He works from his soul, and the artwork speaks for itself with a story behind each piece.

John has appeared at art shows in California, city hall, and the Western United States. He is also a member of the Nevada Clay Guild and Las Vegas Artists Guild.

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