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Impressive Ceramic Art & Landscape Prints

Add one-of-kind pieces of artwork to your collection with ceramic art, landscape prints, and oil paintings from John Gregg Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada. John represents the beauty and warm colors of nature in his different mediums of art.

Wheel-Thrown Ceramics

His ceramic pieces are formed using various reflective styles, glazes, and firing techniques, such as saggar. John's favorite method is applying a flame to the clay. He makes functional ceramic ware, like coffee mugs, and decorative sculptures of totems between 4 to 8 feet tall with up to 100 pieces. Each finished product is completely unique.

Ceramic Pottery

Gorgeous Photos of Wilderness Areas

John has been hiking and backpacking in the Southwestern United States for over 25 years. Using a Canon TL 35mm camera, he has beautifully captured the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Great Basin of Nevada, the canyons of Southern Utah, and the back country of California's Sierra Nevada mountains. He is proud to share these images with the world.

Detailed Petroglyphs

In the Southwestern United States, there are symbols and images painstakingly carved into rocks and cliffs by indigenous tribes over a thousand years. John has a small collection of photographs of these images called petroglyphs. He admires the artistry and can only wonder about the meaning behind the large panels. Some contain important messages, including where water might be found or who was living in the area. Others were created by the shaman in sacred places, such as Grapevine Canyon in Spirit Mountain. Here, the petroglyphs look like a shield or geometric design carved during a dream quest. There over 50 different petroglyphs in Grapevine Canyon. It takes hours to complete just one small petroglyph on a rock. Some of these panels must have taken months to complete, so John does not believe they are simply a form of graffiti.

Zion Oil Painting
Trout Rising


All of his landscape prints are matted and framed to the highest standards to last a lifetime. Prices range from $60 to $300. His oil paintings on hardboard canvas are between $90 and $200.