Watercolor palette 6/22


I can get lost in my paintings, as I add layers of watercolor to give my paintings layers of color, and adding depth and texture.

Watercolor palette 6/22
Watercolor palette 6/22

John Gregg

John Gregg was born in Yuma: Arizona in 1957. He is the second generation raised in Arizona. The major influence behind his art was his mother, Corrine Gregg, who was a prolific artist.
John was introduced to hiking when he was 16 at Telluride mountaineering school. He has hiked the back country of Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.
He opened an online landscape photography company John Gregg Photography at http://www.johngregg.com in 1995. Using his photography from the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, the Great Basin of Nevada, Canyon Lands of southern Utah and the back country of California’s Sierra Nevada.
2010 John opened pottery studio in his home called Ceramics by John Gregg and also part owner of Clay Arts Vegas in Las Vegas, NV.
It was in 2014 John’s back would not let him lift clay anymore. He found a new art medium, painting. He started with oil paints and switched to watercolor. John’s studio paintings where painted with his large photographic library as references.
John in 2016 opened John Gregg Studio’s which includes his Photography, Ceramics and Paintings. You can see John’s work at http://www.johngregg.com He tries to post his newest paintings on his web site. The southwest influence shows in his watercolors today.
You can see John’s work at http://www.johngregg.com

John Gregg

John started www.johngregg.com in 1995.

In 2016 JohnGregg.com became John Gregg Studio’s which includes Photography, Ceramics and Paintings. Watercolor will be featured on my webpage posts.

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