June 6 2021 watercolor the photos that gave me inspiration

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June 6 2021 watercolor I took these photos from two of my favorite places. Bodie CA and Zion UT.

Sunrise in the canyon

#watercolor, Galleria Mall, John Gregg, John Gregg Studios, Landscape Paintings, Watercolor artist

“Sunrise in the canyon” is a watercolor painting 36” long and 16” high. When I painted I didn’t think it would be hard to frame. I orders a frame last month it’s still not here. Yesterday morning I pulled out some teak I found last year on the side of road and some trim wood from the garage. I have a Matt cutter and Matt board from when I was a landscape photographer. Last night the frame had two coats of stain on it. A artist is not payed by the hour.
You can see my painting April 12 to May 16 at the Las Vegas Artist Guild Gallery at the Galleria Mall Henderson NV.

“Sunrise in the canyon” watercolor painting by John Gregg