The Copper Bookmarks are ready for Las Vegas Artist Guild Gallery

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Las Vegas Artist Guild Display
Las Vegas Artist Guild Display of Copper Bookmarks

My idea about how to show off what I can do with copper patina will be on diplayed at Las Vegas Artist Gallery next week. Copper is quite soft metal to work with and the patina can be from a deep purple, bark blue to a turquois. The piece that goes in to the book is made from hammer copper, this helps harden it so it’s harder to bend. The feather has been pressed and hammered in to shape but still can be bent. My artist side of me likes a feather to act like a feather, light and delicite. So please treat the feather as a feather made out copper by a artist. The entire piece has been laquered to seal the color.

Thank you Terry Pratchett I used a portion of your book Wee Free Men.