“ Purple Impressions 10 / 21 “

Watercolor artist

“ Purple Impressions 10 / 21 “ by John Gregg

“ Purple Impressions 10 / 21 “ watercolor painting 29” x 10” by John Gregg. When a painting is still taped down the name is simple. Purple landscape with a night sky and a reflection of the moon.

I’ve been excepted into Gallery to Go

Watercolor artist
Original 5” x 7” watercolor paintings with blank cards and envelopes by John Gregg

I’ve been excepted into Gallery to Go art vending machines run by Nicole Cochener. I’ve made 15 original 5” x 7” watercolor with blank cards and envelopes. I will be dropping off the cards this week at her gallery Squishy Studio at the Arts Factory.
The themes for the watercolor paintings are Fall in the Canyon, Red Sail, Purple reflection, Grass is always greener and Cold winter’s night. I don’t like painting on cards so each watercolor painting is painted on good quality paper. There’s four paintings per paper, the paper is cut to 5” x 7” and mounted on a blank card.

City of the World Gallery

Watercolor artist

I’m at City of the World Gallery today and next Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. City of the World Gallery is located right next to the Macy’s down stairs entrance at the Meadows mall. I’m working on 5 x 7 watercolor paintings “Grass is always greener” series. My large watercolor paintings are on the wall in the back ground. Also look for my work at the City of the World booth at Down Town Summerlin Farmers 9:00 to 2:00 Saturdays next to the kids area.

City of the World Gallery

City of the World Gallery 8/21/2021

Watercolor artist
John Gregg Studios

I moved walls at City of the World Gallery. It’s a smaller wall but in a better location. I have two 37” x 25” Watercolor Abstract Landscape, a smaller watercolor “Dugout” and baskets of Photos, Cards, Prints, and original watercolor paintings

City of the world gallery is located at Meadows mall, right of the down stairs entrance to Macy’s

Abstract watercolor painting

Watercolor artist

I’ve taken some time off watercolors. I’ve ended the southwest “Canyon Road” series. My little sister sent me some new watercolor paints from Derwent, Intense and Graphitint. They seem well suited for abstract landscape watercolor paintings. They make very nice washes giveing great depth in color.
This watercolor abstract is 30” x 22” on Arches paper.

Original watercolor paintings by John Gregg

June 6 2021 watercolor the photos that gave me inspiration

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June 6 2021 watercolor I took these photos from two of my favorite places. Bodie CA and Zion UT.

June 6 2021 Watercolor by John Gregg

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June 6 2021

June 22 2021 Watercolor by John Gregg I used my photos from Bodie CA for the building it had a great reflection. The trees came from Zion UT. If you get the chance get to Bodie or walking the trail next to the Virgin river above the Lodge.

My painting have been excepted at City of the World Gallery

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City of the world gallery is located at the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas NV. The gallery is a nonprofit and rents wall space to mostly local artists. My wall is on the way to the kids gallery.

Original watercolor paintings by John Gregg

Sunrise in the canyon

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“Sunrise in the canyon” is a watercolor painting 36” long and 16” high. When I painted I didn’t think it would be hard to frame. I orders a frame last month it’s still not here. Yesterday morning I pulled out some teak I found last year on the side of road and some trim wood from the garage. I have a Matt cutter and Matt board from when I was a landscape photographer. Last night the frame had two coats of stain on it. A artist is not payed by the hour.
You can see my painting April 12 to May 16 at the Las Vegas Artist Guild Gallery at the Galleria Mall Henderson NV.

“Sunrise in the canyon” watercolor painting by John Gregg