It’s been awhile

Watercolor Artist

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’m in good health I took a break because my creative muse stopped. My muse was letting me know I was not fine. I removed Facebook and Twitter from my phone and pulled my work from from Las Vegas Artist Guild and City of World gallery’s. I covered the a large painting in my studio. Stopping “social media” I was no longer being pushed to be mad at something out of my control. Pulling my paintings let the pressure off my muse. It took months of to get back to where I was able to uncover my painting from March and put it away for later and put a new paper on a board.

So here is things moving forward. I will be feeding my muse with trips to beautiful places every month. I no longer look at social media. I will be posting my paintings on Facebook, Tumbler, and Instagram because it’s where people are.

If you want me to respond to you come over to Go to my WordPress blog. All my work from the years is here.

Here how to get a hold of me

Landscape 5/22 inspired by Dead Horse UT

The last trip to Moab UT took 7 days with four camp sites in southern UT. Escalante, to Capital Reef, to Dead Horse, to Arches. Next trip is back to southern UT base camp near Natural Bridge nation park it will be at the first of 6/22 for several days.

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